Emuakpoyeri Bobbie Ojose, Ed.D.

Bobby Ojose is currently an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the math program at the University of the West. As the math program coordinator, Dr. Ojose works developing, implementing, and engages in the process of evaluating the math sequence leading to student graduation at Uwest.

Dr. Ojose has many years of experience as a professor in higher education. His college level teaching started at the University of Redlands where he taught courses across disciplines and levels, including teaching the quantitative research methods for both the masters and doctoral programs. Dr. Ojose was also a professor at the Youngstown State University in Ohio where he taught math and math education courses across programs.

Dr. Ojose’s research interest encompasses math education and pedagogical content knowledge. His work has involved the use of technology in supporting mathematics teaching and learning. He has authored two books, published several peer review articles, and presented in invited professional annual meetings. The two books published by Dr. Ojose include 1. Mathematics education: Perspectives on issues and methods of instruction published Kendal Publishing; 2. Common misconceptions in mathematics: Strategies to correct them published by University Press of America.

Dr. Ojose obtained his doctorate degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with concentration in math education.