Financial Aid

Loan Disbursements

Federal Direct Loans are disbursed after the end of the Add/Drop period each semester. Because loans are subject to origination fees, about 1%, the amount received from the Department of Education will be slightly less than the total amount borrowed.  If there is a credit balance on your student account, a direct deposit will be made to an authorized bank account that you have set up with UWest, within in 14 days.

  • Federal regulations require two (2) disbursements for all loans, including one semester loans.  Students attending a single semester or summer term will receive their second disbursement at the calendar midpoint of the term.
  • If a student is in the first year of undergraduate study and is a first-time Direct Loan borrower, there is a waiting period of thirty calendar days for the first loan disbursement.
  • Students who drop below half-time enrollment are no longer eligible for a Direct Loans
  • Full-time enrollment for financial aid purposes is defined as follows:
Stage of Studies Full-time Definition Corresponding Course(s)
Coursework – Undergraduate 12 units per term Degree Applicable Courses
Coursework – Graduate 9 units per term Degree Applicable Courses
Master’s Thesis, all course work complete 3 units per term PSYCH699A, REL700 (Maximum: 2 terms)
Doctoral Qualifying, all course work complete 3 units per term BMIN705, REL 705 (Maximum: 2 terms)
Candidacy, engaged in research requirement 3 units per term BMIN698A, 698B, 710, REL698A, 698B, 710
Candidacy, research requirement fulfilled 1 unit per term BMIN715, REL715

Students should refer to the catalog for time-to-degree standards in their program of enrollment. Extending studies beyond the program standard, if approved, may affect aid eligibility.

  • Loan disbursements will not be released until the instructors have completed the attendance verification. The attendance verification must be completed, or the financial aid refund will be delayed.