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The Office of the Registrar provides the services UWest students and alumni need in a manner that is compliant, compassionate and sensitive to the task.

Records are securely maintained and released in accordance with FERPA guidelines.

Below is a partial list of the services provided. If you do not see your particular need listed, please contact us.

Registration & Schedule Changes
Enrollment & Degree Verification
Withdrawals & Reentries
Student Progress
Program Changes
Graduation & Commencement
Personal Data Updates

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Office of the Registrar
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1409 Walnut Grove Ave.
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Office of the Registrar
Administration Building, Room AD102
University of the West
1409 Walnut Grove Ave.
Rosemead, CA 91770

Phone: (626) 571-8811 x2119
Fax: (626) 571-1413


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Spring 2022 Degree Registration: November 1 – 29, 2021


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Changing Your Major

University of the West revises the Academic Catalog annually. All program requirements, including credits, courses, and graduation, are fully outlined in the catalog in effect at the time of the student’s first semester at University of the West. This catalog is considered a contract with all students who begin during that year; both student and University are bound by this agreement.


Major & Concentration Changes

If at some point in your studies you decide that your goals have changed and are no longer served by your current major or concentration, you may explore your options by meeting with your Academic Advisor or current Department Chair. After consultation, if you decide to change your program of study your requirements will be defined by the catalog in effect at the time of the change.

Things to consider when exploring your options: You should be aware credits and courses you have completed may not be applicable to your new program of interest. The greater the change in programs, the more likely this is to be the case. For example, an MBA student who changes from one MBA concentration to another is likely to have a good match on courses as all MBA concentrations share a common core curriculum. On the other hand, an MBA student who transfers to an MA in Religious Studies has a good chance that some courses taken are not applicable to the new program. A program change may have a significant impact on the total cost of your degree, the amount of aid available to you, and your time to graduation. In addition, some scholarships are linked to a specific enrollment – there is no guarantee that those scholarships will roll over to the new enrollment.

To request a change, complete a Change of Major form. Bring the approved form with any supporting documentation to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Incomplete or unapproved forms will not be processed. If you are changing concentrations within the same program, you will need only the approval of your current Department Chair. If changing to a different program at the same degree level (e.g. MBA to MA Religious Studies), you will the approval of the Department Chair of that new program. If changing to a different degree level (e.g. MA to PhD), you will need to apply to the program for admission. Admission requirements vary by program and degree level, therefore your transfer may result in the need for additional admission documents or assessments.


Catalog Year Changes

University of the West is constantly updating its programs and curriculum to insure that we are providing our students the best possible education – an education that is both relevant and meaningful. These changes are entered into the Academic Catalog. Some of these changes are rolled out to all students as a program revision; others are applicable only to new students entering the program. If you would like to change to a new version of the catalog due to substantive changes in your program requirements such as total units required for degree or concentrations available, you may submit a Change of Major form. Indicate on the form “Catalog Year Change.” Your enrollment will be updated to indicate the new catalog year in effect. This move is not reversible. You will be subject to all course and credit program requirements listed, including general education and elective requirements.

If you are seeking a simple substitution in your major requirements, a change in catalog year may not be necessary. Instead, you may request that your Department Chair approve and submit to the Registrar’s Office a Revision to Program Requirements form on your behalf. If you are not sure which form to submit, contact the Registrar.

Changing Your Name / Address

The Change of Name/Address Form » is used to change your address with the Office of the Registrar. It is your obligation as a student to update the University of a change in address. You may submit the form via the Office of the Registrar, US postal mail, or fax. If you are an International Student please review International Student Services and click on Change of Address as your requirements have an additional step being that you are an F-1 student.

The Change of Name/Address Form » is also used to change your name with the Office of the Registrar. Name changes must include a copy of a legal document which shows the new name (see form for more detailed instructions).

Note: Name changes to academic records can only be processed while the student is actively enrolled at University of the West.

The Change of Name/Address Form » can be located at the Forms Center.

Transfer Credit

University of the West may grant transfer credit for courses taken at accredited colleges or universities. Undergraduate courses completed with a minimum grade of 2.0 are eligible for consideration, while a 3.0 is required for graduate course work. Applicants to a degree program at University of the West are responsible for the submission of official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended. Official transcripts must be received prior to the applicant’s first day in class. These transcripts will be evaluated only at the applicant’s request. Transfer credit is not granted for correspondence courses or thesis research.

If you have attended other colleges or universities please have your official transcripts submitted directly to the University as soon as possible and request an evaluation through your Admissions Advisor. This evaluation should be completed prior to scheduling classes. You may be requested to provide a catalog or course syllabi if more needed to facilitate the evaluation process.

If you are planning on transferring to a University of the West undergraduate degree program after attending another college or university, you may position yourself for maximum credit by pursuing a liberal arts and sciences curriculum that parallels the general education requirements at UWest. If attending a California community college, select general education courses that meet requirements for California State University (CSU) or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) certification. Successful fulfillment of either the CSU or IGETC certification prior to enrollment will fulfill the general education requirement at UWest with the exception of the General Education Capstone course.

Veterans – you may be eligible for undergraduate transfer credit based upon your military training. Your official ACE Net transcript may be evaluated to determine if credit is applicable in your program of study. See for details on ordering a transcript.

Generally, UWest will evaluate transcripts only for those applicants who have supplied all official documents and meet the admissions requirements of the University. However, if you are would like an unofficial evaluation prior to making the decision to apply to University of the West, see your Admissions Advisor to request a preliminary estimate of credit. An unofficial transcript may then be presented to the appropriate administrator for a preliminary estimate. Actual credit will not be awarded until you have been accepted and official documentation has been received.

If you attended college or university in another country, you may be asked to submit a credential evaluation from UWest’s list of approved credentials evaluator services. If the evaluation is strictly for verification of previous degrees or diplomas earned, a summary that includes degree equivalence and cumulative grade point average is sufficient. If you are seeking possible transfer credit, a detailed evaluation that also includes course titles and grades/credits earned will be needed. In either case, the evaluation should indicate if English was the primary language of instruction if applicable. Upon receipt, the official credentials evaluation will be reviewed to determine if credit may be granted in your program of study.


Transfer Credit Limits

Residency requirements limit the number of credits that can be fulfilled with transfer credit. The limits are as follows:


Degree Level
Maximum allowed

90 semester units (135 quarter units) total transfer and proficiency credit. Of the 90 units, 70 semester units (105 quarter units) may be transferred from a community college.

6 semester units (9 quarter units) transfer and proficiency credit.

No transfer credit allowed.

30 semester units (45 quarter units) transfer and proficiency credit.

Transfer credit is not applicable to non-degree and certificate programs.

You may also be eligible for Advanced Placement (AP) credit. To qualify for credit you must have passed an applicable AP course with a grade of C or above and passed the corresponding AP exam with a score of at least 3. Let your Admissions Advisor know if you have completed any AP courses and exams. You will be required to submit an official score report from College Board in addition to your official high school transcript. If your high school transcript includes AP exam results, you do not need to submit the College Board score report. The Department Chair will determine if the AP coursework is applicable to the program you have entering.

Leave of Absence, Withdrawal & Reentry or Readmission

Leaving college is a serious decision. You are urged to discuss your options with your advisor or the Dean of Academic Affairs before finalizing any plans to withdraw temporarily or permanently from the University. If you do choose to withdraw, you have the following options.

Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • This option is open to students in good standing who plan on returning to UWest within one year, and allows students to return under their initial catalog after a break of less than one year.
  • Summer is considered a standard period of non-attendance; students do NOT need to submit am LOA if not attending in summer as long as they are registering for the fall semester.
  • Students who do not return from an approved LOA as scheduled will be withdrawn effective their last period of attendance.
  • Federal regulations strictly limit leave for students attending on an F-1 Visa. The International Student Advisor must review all F-1 requests for LOA before processing.


  • This option is applicable to students who do not plan on returning to UWest.
  • Students withdrawing from the University are requested to complete an exit survey.


You may submit an LOA/Withdrawal request at any time.

  • If you submit your request prior to the first day of the term, you will not owe tuition or fees for that term, and your LOA/withdrawal will be considered effective the last day of the previous semester.
  • If you submit your request on or after the first day of the term you may receive a pro rata refund as described in the Academic Catalogue. Your withdrawal will be effective the date the form was received by the Registrar’s office.
  • If you submit your request on or before the close of the posted add/drop period (see the Academic Calendar), you will be unregistered from all classes;
    • if submitted on or before the withdrawal deadline, you will receive W’s in all classes scheduled;
    • if submitted after this date, you will receive a grade of FW, which is calculated as an F in your grade point average.

To withdraw or go on leave, complete the LOA/Withdrawal form, obtain the following approvals, and submit the signed and approved form to the Registrar’s office.

Approvals needed for all students:

  • Department Chair or Advisor
  • Bursar’s Office
  • Library


Additional approvals as required:

Financial Aid – required for students who receive any financial aid such as loans, grants, scholarships. Students receiving aid must complete the Loan Exit Interview Form.
International Student Advisor – required for students who are attending on an F-1 Visa.
Student Life – required for students who reside on campus.


Re-entry or Readmission

When you return from LOA on schedule, you will be asked to submit a Re-entry Form. This allows all departments to reactivate your enrollment.

If you have been out of school for one year or more, or are returning late from a LOA, you must apply for Readmission to the University. You will be subject to the admission requirements in effect at the time of your return.

If you have been out of school for four years or more, you will be required to submit a new set of official transcripts and current admission examination scores with your application for readmission

If you have completed any coursework at other colleges during your break in enrollment, provide official transcripts to the Registrar’s Office prior to re-enrollment.

The Dean of Academic Affairs must approve a reentry request for any student not in good standing during the last period of enrollment.

Proof of Enrollment

Verifications of Enrollment
& Lender Deferment Forms

The Registrar’s Office will assist you when you need proof of enrollment or graduation for lenders, employers, insurance companies, etc.

Enrollment Verification

You may request verification of enrollment for terms completed, in progress, and/or scheduled. Students must be registered for a specific term before enrollment may be verified.

Submit the Verification of Enrollment Form to the Registrar’s Office to request your verification of enrollment status or degree completion. Forms are available in the office or under Forms Center on this website.


Deferment Forms

Deferment forms are submitted to defer repayment of student loans. These forms originate in the Student Financial Aid department, and are completed by the Registrar. See the Financial Aid staff first to obtain the form appropriate for your lender and situation then bring that form to the Registrar. Lenders frequently require a new form each semester. Do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office if a deferment needs to be resubmitted or re-faxed.

There is no charge for proof of enrollment. Whenever possible, requests will be processed within one business day. If you have questions that aren’t answered on the website, please contact the Registrar’s Office at All information is released in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Requests may be submitted in person, or mailed or faxed to:

University of the West
Attn: Registrar Office
1409 Walnut Grove Ave.
Rosemead, CA 91770

Fax: (626) 571-1413, Attn: Registrar

How to Use the UWest Portal

The UWest Portal is a web interface that allows students direct access to many of their academic and financial records and functions, such as grades, schedule, and financial aid awards. The Portal also provides faculty access to class rosters and student information, and allows faculty to post grades and attendance.


Student Access: User Name and Password

To use the Portal you will first need to set up your Portal account if you did not do so during New Student Orientation.
Though the UWest webpage, click on Portal, then Student Portal Homepage, and finally click on Create a new account.

User Name = Firstname.Lastname (you must enter the “dot” between your first and last name)

For your user name, enter your first and last names exactly as they appear on your ID card and separated by a dot. If your name is incorrectly printed on your ID card, please notify the Registrar right away as this means your name is recorded incorrectly in the University’s database.

If you have a hyphen or space in your name, be sure to type your name with the hyphen or space in place.

For example:

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn.Monroe
Shi Feng Cho Shi Feng.Cho
Jonathan Rhys-Davis Jonathan.Rhys-Davis

Select a password that you can remember, answer the security questions, and you are ready to go!



Guests & Prospective Students

Guests and prospective students may access the current schedule of classes on the UWest website by clicking on Portal then Schedule of Classes.

When searching the schedule of classes, it helps to narrow your search by term, leaving all other search options as is. The list of courses will appear in groups of five or more. Remember to hit Next Page to see more classes.



Technical Support

If you need assistance or have questions about UWest’s network, please contact the IT Help Desk by emailing