Assistant Director, Institute for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism (ISHB)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies



PhD, University of California, Riverside
MA, California State University, Los Angeles
MCRP, Rutgers University – The State University of New Jersey
BA, Tunghai University (Taiwan)


Research interests

Dr. Kuo’s research area encompasses immigrant religions in Los Angeles, Chinese religion and Buddhism, and the spatial aspect of American religion. His research focuses on the relationships between tempo-spatial embodiment and ritual performance of Chinese religiosity in Southern California. He is also interested in the methodological development in current Chinese religious studies, especially in its subarea of Buddhist studies.

Dr. Kuo currently involves himself with several research initiatives of studying modern Buddhist movement in a perspective of Humanistic Buddhism that takes its roots within the Asian Buddhist traditions. He is planning to develop a curriculum of teaching the concepts and practices of Humanistic Buddhism in American Higher Education institution.


UWest Courses

REL 600 History and Theory of the Study of Religion
REL 607 Research Method
REL 639 Topics in the Study of Religion: Social Scientific Approach
REL 655 Perspectives in the Study of Chan/Zen Buddhism
REL 659 Buddhism in the U.S.