Staff & Faculty

UWest Editorial Style Guide

General Style Preferences

Abbreviations & Acronyms

Titles such as Professor never abbreviated, except for Dr. and honorifics such as Mr., Ms.

No periods
Academic degrees and certificates

  • PhD, EdD, MA, MBA, MDiv, MS, EMBA, Post-MBA, BA, BS, etc.

US; use USA in addresses only

Do use periods in abbreviated honorifics

  • Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.


First word after colon upper case, the rest lower case unless orthographically necessary.

Official department and concentration titles

  • Department of Religious Studies-Buddhist Studies; but the religious studies department with a concentration in Buddhist studies

Official academic degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts; but bachelor’s degree, master’s degree

Seasons only in semester titles

  • This course was first offered Fall 2011.
  • Before fall classes begin, visit your academic advisor.

Official office names

  • Office of Financial Aid; but financial aid office
  • Office of the Bursar; but bursar’s office

Official titles

  • Dean of Academic Affairs; but academic dean
  • President of University of the West and President Morgan; but I am visiting the president’s office today

GPA, not gpa

Do not capitalize
chair, professor, coordinator, advisor, or any other job titles or positions unless official title is used.

  • Please see Professor Smythe in her office.
  • Mary Smythe is a professor of psychology.
  • Students must have the department chair’s permission to enroll.

faculty portal
international student
student portal
university, even when it refers to UWest specifically

Dates & Times

Use 12-hour clock; always include minutes; lowercase am or pm (no periods) preceded by space

  • 6:00 am, 1:25 pm

Month Day, Year

  • April 25, 2014

Use ordinals only when used in body sentence.

  • the 25th day of the month

Use a hyphen with no spaces on either side unless “to” is appropriate.

  • 2014-2015
  • The semester runs from January to May.


No hyphen
ee and oo, e.g. reentry, coordinator

Use hyphen
Well-being, not wellbeing or well being
Compound adjectives when used attributively

  • whole-person education, but education of the whole person



Spell out cardinal numbers one through nine; use digits for 10 and above.

Ordinal numbers (also see Dates)

  • use digits for floors, otherwise spell

Dollar amounts should always be recorded as currency.

  • $10.00

Phone numbers: ext. xxx


Use serial comma, aka Oxford comma: comma before “and,” “or,” and “nor” in lists

  • Correct: wisdom, compassion, and interconnectedness
  • Not: wisdom, compassion and interconnectedness

e.g. not e.g.,
i.e. not i.e.,

Em Dash
Use the em dash or long dash to set off phrases. No spaces on either side of the em dash.


One space after periods and colons.

No spaces on either side of em dashes and hyphens.



University References

Correct: University of the West
Not: the University of the West

Use school’s full name in headers and first reference in each section. In following references, use UWest.

University address
1409 Walnut Grove Avenue
Rosemead, CA 91770


Use ampersands (&) in headings and titles (including course titles) but not in body paragraphs.

Avoid use of future “will” in course and program descriptions.

  • Correct: Students solve linear equations.
  • Not: Students will solve linear equations.

Use “student” only when referring to a student who has been admitted and has begun classes. Otherwise, use applicant, potential student, admit (in the Admissions section).

Always use chair, not chairman, chairwoman, chairperson.

Websites: in catalog do not enter http, just (or .com, etc.) EXCEPT when specifying a secure site such as https://. On all other print material and digital material, omit www.


Catalog-Specific Formatting & Usage

Academic program sections

List chair and assistant chair, and underneath list full-time faculty, then adjunct faculty in alphabetical order by last name, with highest degree only.

Kurt J. Vonnegut, PhD

Assistant Chair
Wu Cheng’en, MSEE

Kazuo Ishiguro, ThD
Jane Austen, PhD

Adjunct Faculty
William Shakespeare, MA

A separate directory will list all faculty members’ degrees, where earned, areas of specialization, and teaching areas.

Course listing

Code Number Course Title (# units)
Prerequisite(s): Code Number, Code Number or none [if no prerequisites are required]
Course description
Include the following if applicable
Minimum passing grade: >Grade<
Pass/Fail only [not P/F]

Example of letter-graded course
PHIL 103 Introduction to Critical Thinking (3 units)
Prerequisite(s): ENGL 101
Introduction to critical thinking with emphasis on argument and evidence. Includes uses and abuses of language, informal fallacies, inductive and deductive modes of reasoning, and different types of inquiry.
Minimum passing grade: C

Example of pass/fail course
WELL 110 Tai Chi for Body & Mind (1 unit)
Prerequisite(s): none
Practice this “internal martial art” to improve cardiovascular endurance, tone and strengthen muscles, increase balance and flexibility, and relieve stress through meditative practice.
Pass/Fail only