Campus Safety

UWest takes the safety of the campus community very seriously. The university subscribes to the “community policing” model, which means that students, staff, and faculty are asked to help with campus safety and security issues.

Any member of the community who has concerns about their own safety or that of others should promptly report this to campus authorities. Reportable issues may range from facility maintenance issues to criminal activity on campus. A community member who observes a building and facility issue such as a broken door or leaking faucet should notify the General Services Department or any staff member.

Criminal activity on campus is rare, and UWest would like to keep it that way. A student who observes a potentially dangerous situation should immediately notify any member of the staff or faculty. In a case of imminent danger or when a life-threatening injury has occurred, a student should call 911 without delay.

Campus Security

(626) 825-4175 (x333 on campus)


Residence Hall—RA On Call

(626) 673-0339


Rosemead Sheriff’s Department (business number)

(626) 285-7171


General Services Department (facility issues)

(626) 571-8811 x170


Emergency (police, fire, EMT)


The Campus Receptionist, located in the main lobby, is on duty Monday through Friday during business hours and can access all departments as needed. Residential Life staff and Campus Security are available around the clock when other offices are closed.