Faculty Senate

Our Mission

The Faculty Senate has responsibility to propose, deliberate, and recommend the implementation of policy, procedures, and programs consistent with the mission of the University in such fundamental areas as academic freedom, faculty rights and responsibilities, and academic programs.

The Faculty Senate seeks not only the welfare of the faculty itself, but also the best interests of students and alumni, and the corresponding prerogatives and obligations of the administration in these matters. Working through the Faculty Senate, then, in the spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation with all other bodies of the University, we address ourselves and our labors to the general welfare of the University and the goal of excellence toward which it strives.

The Faculty Senate is one of many interdependent bodies within the University. The Faculty Senate aims to achieve a more effective means of faculty contribution to the cooperative formulation of policies and procedures primarily in areas of

1) academic freedom, 2) the rights, responsibilities, and status of faculty, including policies and procedures for hiring, evaluating, promoting, and terminating faculty, known collectively as ‘faculty affairs,’ and 3) advising and assisting in the development and implementation of academic policies and programs in deliberation with other bodies.

For more information, please contact Dr. Bobby Ojose (bobbyo@uwest.edu »), Interim Chair of Faculty Senate.

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