Faculty / Staff Directory

How to reach us

You may reach the campus operator at (626) 571-8811. For general questions, please contact us at info@uwest.edu

I.T. Help Desk Support

The IT Help Desk is here to support students, faculty, and staff with technology-related questions and issues. Typical examples of support offered include account creation, equipment setup, and connecting devices to the campus wireless network. Please note that service is subject to the Computer and Network Use Agreement and UWest IT Policies. You can contact the IT Help Desk by emailing helpdesk@uwest.edu

Office of the President
Minh-Hoa Ta Office of the President President
Grace Hsiao Office of the President Executive Assistant to the President & Board of Trustees graceh@uwest.edu 2102
Vanessa Karam Accreditation Accreditation Liaison Officer vanessak@uwest.edu 2130
Shruti Piduri Institutional Research Institutional Research & Effectiveness Manager shrutip@uwest.edu 3350
Joey Chow Human Resources Human Resources hr@uwest.edu 2118
Fong Sam Human Resources Human Resources Clerk & Community Relations fongs@uwest.edu 2172
Faculty Senate
Chi Sheh Chair of Faculty Senate chisheh@uwest.edu 3381
Joanne Kwoh-Maysami Vice-Chair of Faculty Senate joannek@uwest.edu 2113
Bobby Ojose Secretary of Faculty Senate bobbyo@uwest.edu 3356
Academic Affairs
Jane Iwamura Chief Academic Officer janei@uwest.edu 3342
Mark Wills Registrar Registrar markw@uwest.edu 2119
Lorena Gonzalez Registrar Assistant Registrar lorenag@uwest.edu 3304
Ling-Ling Kuo Library Director of Library linglingk@uwest.edu 3135
Judy Hsu Library Librarian judyh@uwest.edu 3320
Jennifer Avila Undergraduate Academic Advisor jennifera@uwest.edu 2154
Christopher Johnson Digital Learning Coordinator christopher.johnson@my.uwest.edu
Victor Gabriel Buddhist Chaplaincy Chair & Associate Professor victorg@uwest.edu 3359
Jitsujo Gauthier Buddhist Chaplaincy Associate Professor jitsujog@uwest.edu 3345
Bill Chen Business Administration Chair & Professor billchen@uwest.edu 2125
Meskerem Tadesse Business Administration Associate Professor meskeremt@uwest.edu 3380
Chi Sheh Business Administration Associate Professor chisheh@uwest.edu 3381
Jonathan Berk English Language Institute ELI/PACE Academic Program Coordinator & Lead TESOL Instructor jonathanb@uwest.edu 2111
Kanae Omura GE-Liberal Arts Chair & Associate Professor kanaeo@uwest.edu 2109
Bobby Ojose GE-Liberal Arts Assistant Professor bobbyo@uwest.edu 3356
Jennifer Avila GE-Liberal Arts Lecturer jennifera@uwest.edu 2154
Jonathan Berk GE-Liberal Arts Lecturer jonathanb@uwest.edu 2111
Joanne Kwoh-Maysami Psychology Interim Chair & Associate Professor joannek@uwest.edu 2113
Norja Cunningham Psychology Assistant Professor norjac@uwest.edu 2150
Miroj Shakya Religious Studies Chair & Associate Professor mirojs@uwest.edu 3321
William Chu Religious Studies Associate Professor williamc@uwest.edu 2152
Shou-Jen Kuo Religious Studies Assistant Professor shoujenk@uwest.edu 2158
Lewis Lancaster Religious Studies Professor Emeritus
Darui Long Religious Studies Professor Emeritus daruil@uwest.edu 3306
Jane Iwamura Religious Studies Professor janei@uwest.edu 3342
Shou-Jen Kuo Institute for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism Director shoujenk@uwest.edu 2158
Miroj Shakya Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon Director mirojs@uwest.edu 3321
Student Services
Vanessa Karam Chief Student Services Officer & Title IX Coordinator vanessak@uwest.edu 2130
Nadia Simone Enrollment Director of Enrollment nadias@uwest.edu 3311
Janelle Blake Enrollment Enrollment Outreach Counselor janelleb@uwest.edu 3313
Lezli Fang Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid lezliyf@uwest.edu 2138
Henna Hung Admissions Admissions Specialist & International Program Liaison & SEVIS DSO hennah@uwest.edu 2120
Cody Lin Marketing Marketing Coordinator codyl@uwest.edu 3370
Tanny Jiraprapasuke Marketing Social Media Coordinator tanny.jiraprapasuke@my.uwest.edu
Keith Brown Student Services Student Success & Diabilities Coordinator keithb@uwest.edu 3377
Janira Cordova Student Services International Student Advisor, DSO janirac@uwest.edu 3322
Jessica Zheng Student Services Student Life Coordinator jessicaz@uwest.edu 3317
Administrative Services
Amy Chong Chief Financial Officer amyc@uwest.edu 2116
Jason Tseng Accounting Senior Accountant – Accounts Payable & Budget jasont@uwest.edu 2124
Jenny Bui Accounting Accountant I – Student Accounts & Receivables jennyb@uwest.edu 2123
Joey Chow Accounting Accountant II – Payroll & Contributions joeyc@uwest.edu 2118
Rafael Wu Information Technology (IT) Director of Information Technology rafaelwu@uwest.edu 3376
James Liao Information Technology (IT) Senior IT Engineer jamesl@uwest.edu 2137
Peter Zhou Information Technology (IT) IT Engineer & Network Administrator peterz@uwest.edu 3303
Ricky Tan General Services Director of General Services rickyt@uwest.edu 2128
Phillip Lee General Services Procurement & Office Specialist phillipl@uwest.edu 2139
Julio Segura General Services Facilities Supervisor & Safety Coordinator julios@uwest.edu 2129
Laura Ibarra General Services Receptionist frontdesk@uwest.edu 2100
Vivian Ventura General Services Custodian
Juana Iris Rodriguez General Services Custodian