Disability Support Services

University of the West complies with the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students.


Students seeking accommodations based on a disability must self-identify themselves to the Student Disability Services (SDS) Officer located in the Student Success Center.

Students are required to provide current documentation (within the last 3 years) supporting their disability.

Documentation should be submitted to the SDS Officer along with an accommodation request application.

Please note that University of the West does not provide disability testing. The SDS Officer will meet with the student to discuss accommodations.

Students will be notified, via written correspondence, of the outcome of their request.


Transferring Accommodations:

Accommodations are not transferable.

Students who receive approved accommodations may not automatically use their approved accommodations from one course to another or for any future courses they may take.

Students desiring to continue receiving approved accommodations for future courses must meet with the SDS Officer and reapply for accommodations.



Accommodations will be arranged as follows:

Accommodations must be approved by the SDS Officer.

The SDS Officer will coordinate approved services with individual instructors.

Throughout the term the SDS Officer will contact the student to check with the student to ensure that accommodations are effective and to make adjustments if necessary.


Accommodation Request form (PDF) »



Disability Resources
Contact the SDS Officer
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Student Disability Services Officer
Dr. Keith Brown
Email: ssc@uwest.edu
Phone: (626) 677-3377
Fax: (626) 571-1413
University of the West
1409 Walnut Grove Ave.
Rosemead, CA 91770