Doctor of Buddhist Ministry

Department of Buddhist Chaplaincy

Preparing You to Share Your Wisdom with the World

The Doctor of Buddhist Ministry is an advanced professional degree culminating in a dissertation project.

This selective program enhances the practice of ministry for religious leaders who already hold a Master of Divinity or equivalent degree by cultivating their understanding and application of:

  • The nature and purpose of ministry
  • Competencies in pastoral analysis and ministerial skills
  • Reflective capacities
  • Spiritual maturity
  • A well-developed personal and professional ethic


The program applies a Buddhist perspective to ministerial issues facing practitioners in the contemporary world.

Students gain a deeper understanding and commitment to the Dharma (Buddhist teaching), while refining their ministerial application. Students develop research, writing, and communication skills to the level necessary to participate in professional academic discourse and practice-oriented domains of religion and service.

A Doctor of Buddhist Ministry degree is awarded on the basis of evidence that the candidate possesses knowledge of a broad field of applied learning and mastery of a particular area of concentration within it.


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Rev. Victor Gabriel, PhD
Rev. Jitsujo Gauthier, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Rev. Daphna McKnight, PhD
Tom Moritz, MLS
Rev. Joseph Rogers, MDiv
Rev. Nathan Doshin Woods, PhD

Master of Divinity
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Preparing you to share your wisdom with the world.