1. Meal services are not provided during the Fall 2022 Semester.
  2. In line with CDC, state, and county guidelines and in the interest of our residents’ and staff’s health and safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all residents are required to be fully vaccinated and boosted against
    COVID-19 in order to live on campus.
  3. Residents must also receive the seasonal influenza vaccination when it becomes available, usually in the fall or early spring.
  4. By signing this contract, you agree that you are and will be enrolled as a current active full-time student throughout the remainder of the contract and/or upcoming semester for Winter Break contracts.
  5. By signing this contract, you agree to all university rules and policies.
  6. The campus will be closed on Federal holidays; services will be very limited during these days. (No mail services.)
  7. Once you submit the housing application, it is a legally binding contract for the entire semester between University of the West, hereinafter called “the University,” and the undersigned student, hereinafter called “the Student.”
  8. To be eligible to live in University Housing, students are required to be enrolled full-time in a degree or certificate
    program during the academic year. During summer and winter breaks, students must be enrolled in the previous
    and upcoming semester in order to be eligible to continue to live on campus during the break. With few
    exceptions, students who fall below full-time enrollment may forfeit their eligibility to live on campus and be
    required to move out immediately.
  9. Termination of Contract: This contract may be terminated by the Student only for the following reasons and only
    with prior written approval by the University (Residential Life Office), and the Student shall be assessed the
    appropriate liquidated damages fee:
    1. If the Student ceases to be a currently enrolled Student at UWest due to graduation, withdrawal,
      academic or administrative dismissal, transfer to another institution, or is a participant in a University
      authorized planned educational leave program. The Student must present official documentation as
      verification and return all assigned keys to the Residence Hall Coordinator.
    2. If the Student marries during the Contract term and presents proof of marriage by means of a notarized
      state marriage certificate, the Contract shall be terminated on the date that said evidence is provided to
      the University (the Residential Life Office) and on the return of all check-out forms and assigned keys to
      the Residence Hall Coordinator.
    3. Requests for termination for reasons other than those listed above will be considered only with written
      approval by the Residential Hall Coordinator. If the Student is not approved for dissolution of their
      contract, then the Student shall remain liable for all room and board fees until the day of release.
    1. All students living on campus must be fully COVID -19 vaccinated and boosted. Those arriving from outside the
      U.S. who are not fully vaccinated and boosted will need to present a negative COVID-19 result in order to move
      into quarantine housing, and proceed to get fully vaccinated and boosted as soon as they finish quarantining.
    2. In light of the health and safety crisis created by the COVID -19 pandemic, the University continues to implement and periodically update various health and safety programs, procedures, and safeguards relating to University residential
      arrangements and contracts.
    3. Students will be required to undergo COVID-19 testing and submit the results thereof to the appropriate University
      official whenever testing is deemed in the best interest of the campus community.
    4. Students must follow any new LA County, California, or Federal COVID-19 guidelines and policies.
    5. Housing contracts for new residents are granted on a case by case basis in light of the fluid public health emergency.
      The University reserves the right to limit resident population as necessary to protect the health and well-being of our
      campus community, which may result in the delay or halt of new move-ins. While we will do our best to reduce any
      resulting inconvenience, applicants are advised to plan accordingly.
    6. In order to be eligible to live in University Housing, students must present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination and
      booster. Residents arriving from outside the U.S. who were unable to receive vaccination prior to traveling are
      required to present a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken within three days of arrival on campus and to
      quarantine in rooms set aside for that purpose and to follow the quarantine requirements exactly. During
      quarantine, the Student is required to perform daily health checks for fever, cough, and other signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19. A Residence Hall staff member will check in daily with the Student, and the Student is
      required to notify the University if they are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms. The University will determine
      the need to quarantine on a case by case basis and provide separate detailed instructions and information regarding
      the requirements for quarantine. Students seeking to move onto campus should contact Residence Hall Coordinator
      Eddie Bernal, eddieb@uwest.edu, as soon as possible so that the University can make the necessary determination
      and arrangements. Students unwilling or unable to comply with COVID-19 provisions will not be allowed to move into
      campus housing.
    7. In order to facilitate, and in consideration of the University’s efforts to provide, the University’s COVID-19 safety
      efforts, the Student agrees to comply with the following COVID-19 provisions, which may include:
      1. Wear a mask or face covering when leaving their room;
      2. Follow guidelines that prohibit guests (including other students) in the Residence Halls;
      3. Adhere to rules that limit residents to portions of their Residence Halls, including using only assigned
        restrooms, entrances, stairs or elevators, and common areas;
      4. Adhere to guidelines about physical distancing and avoiding large gatherings;
      5. Reasonably monitor one’s health status including potential symptomology, and report virus symptoms
        promptly to the Residence Hall Coordinator; and
      6. Self-quarantine or isolate, if potentially exposed to or infected by COVID-19, for the number of days
        required by Los Angeles County, in accordance with University, Centers for Disease Control and
        Prevention (CDC) and State guidance.
      7. Residents must be able to independently follow the directions of University officials if required to
        quarantine or isolate, including moving to a different facility for the duration of the quarantine or
      8. Residents must be able to use a mask or facial covering when outside their room.
      9. Residents must be able to frequently and consistently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer containing
        60%+ alcohol.
      10. Residents must be able to frequently clean their own room using EPA registered household disinfectants.
      11. Residents must be able to regularly launder personal items.