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Expand Your Horizons: Enroll Today in our Open- Enrollment Classes!


Interested in taking a couple of classes at UWest for your own self-education or to explore what we offer? Or taking a class for credit that can be applied to your degree program at another institution? Open enrollment provides this option and flexibility.

Open Enrollment allows you to take courses at UWest without going through the entire admissions process and without being enrolled in the university.

As an Open Enrollment student, you may choose from UWest’s varied selection of undergraduate and graduate courses in business, literature, history, religion, chaplaincy, and more. If you are interested in a graduate-level course or a course with a prerequisite requirement, the Enrollment team will help you through the departmental approval process when you apply.

Open Enrollment courses can be taken for credit or audit.

For Credit – Students attend and participate in the course, completing graded assignments, exams, etc. and receive a grade as well as applicable academic credit for the course. This is the option for you if you are taking a class for advancement at work or to transfer to a degree program at another college. It is also an excellent option if you are just looking for a way to challenge yourself academically.

For Audit – Open Enrollment is also for students who would like to audit classes. Auditing a class means that you are able to attend and participate in a class for a semester but submit no work and receive no grades or academic credit for the class. If you don’t need credit, grades, or the challenges of academic work and grading, this is a money-saving option.



Applicants to the Open Enrollment program must be at least 18 years of age or provide evidence of graduation from high school or its equivalent.

Application and registration are easy. Simply fill out our UWEST ONLINE APPLICATION» and select “Open Enrollment.” The application is free.
When you successfully complete your course(s) you will be able to order a transcript of your completed work.

When filling out the online application, be prepared to upload the following:

A. Copy of Legal Photo ID. Copy both front and back of ID.

B. If under age 18, copy of high school diploma showing proof of graduation.

(A certified literal translation in the original format is required if the document is not issued in English.)

C. The course codes for the courses you plan to take.

If you are submitting the online application, Enrollment will provide a registration form for this purpose after you apply.

Open Enrollment students may continue under the original application until there is a break in enrollment. To return after a break in enrollment, students submit a new Application for Open Enrollment.

Note: Participation in Open Enrollment does not constitute admission to the university.



One major determination of transferability is the type of accreditation held by a university. University of the West is accredited by the WESTERN ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES SENIOR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY COMMISSION (WSCUC)». This is the same regional agency that accredits University of California, Cal State, USC, Stanford, and other fine public and private institutions in California and Hawaii. This accreditation makes our classes easy to transfer. At the same time, every university has their own requirements regarding transfer credit. We encourage you to check with the school you are attending or plan to attend to make sure the specific UWest courses you plan to take will apply to your future degree.

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