2023 – 2024 Estimated Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is an estimate of what it will cost to attend University of the West for an academic year. There are two types of expenses that make up a student’s cost of attendance. Direct expenses include tuition, mandatory fees, as well as food and housing (if you live on campus). Indirect expenses include off-campus food and housing expenses (living expenses), books, supplies, transportation, and personal expenses.

The cost of attendance is used to determine the maximum amount of financial aid a student may receive. A student cannot receive more than the cost of attendance from any combination of federal, state, institutional or private funding source. University of the West can allow certain expenses as the basis for increasing the student’s cost of attendance. Expenses that may be considered include reasonable childcare expenses, computer purchase, and high medical/dental expenses that are not covered by insurance.

Each student’s award letter includes the cost of attendance that was used to determine award eligibility. Should you have questions regarding how your own cost of attendance was calculated, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Undergraduate Full-time (12 units / semester) – All Programs

On Campus Off Campus With Parents/Relatives
Tuition ($565/per unit) $6,780 $6,780 $6,780
Mandatory Fees $579 $579 $579
Housing – On Campus $3,245
Direct Costs $10,604 $7,359 $7,359
Food $3,135    
Food & Housing – Off Campus $9,716 $5,063
Books & Supplies $469 $469 $469
Transportation $554 $882 $806
Student Loan Fees $200 $200 $200
Miscellaneous $1,436 $2,214 $1,805
Indirect Costs $5,794 $13,481 $8,343
Semester Totals $16,398 $20,840 $15,702
Annual COA $32,796 $41,680 $31,404


IEP/ESL Spring or Fall (16 Weeks Session)

Cost Triple
Tuition $4,620
Mandatory Fees $579
Housing — On Campus $3,245
Direct Costs $8,444
Food $3,135
Books & Supplies $469
Transportation $554
Miscellaneous $1,436
Indirect Costs $5,594
Semester Totals $14,038
Annual COA $28,076


  • Direct Costs are paid to UWest. These include tuition, fees and on-campus housing.
  • Indirect Costs are not charged by UWest. They are additional expenses that students need to consider in their budgeting and financial planning. These include books, supplies, transportation, miscellaneous expenses, and off-campus food and housing.
  • Housing – On Campus included in the Cost of Attendance is the average cost of available options.
  • All tuition and fees should be considered as estimates and are current at the time of publication. Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notification.