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What is Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is a method of payment which electronically credits to your bank account rather than through a physical, paper check. University of the West strongly encourage all financial aid recipients to enroll in a direct bank deposit account. It’s the fastest, most secure, and convenient way to receive your financial aid disbursement. Students who have overpaid or dropped courses and need to request a refund may also use this direct deposit feature. Simply fill out the Direct Deposit Form» and submitting it along with the Refund Request Form» to Student Accounts, AD 140.


How it Works?

Direct Deposit takes about 14 days for your account to be set up. This should be a one-time set up, unless you’ve change your bank information. If for any reason your bank account changes or closed, it is your responsibility for cancelling or update the direct deposit information with us. Failure to do so may cause delay in processing the refund. Submit the completed direct deposit form along with a void check to Student Accounts, AD 140. In the case if you don’t have a physical check with the routing and checking/saving account number, please contact your banking institution for those information.