General Education

The Foundation of a Whole-Person Education

UWest’s general education programs provide you with a wide range of fundamental principles to help you on your path toward success. Whatever degree you pursue, we want to ensure that you graduate with skills and knowledge that you can use every day.

The Foundation of an Education

General Education is an integral part of each UWest undergraduate program.

All students complete 51 units of General Education as part of their bachelor’s degree requirements. Our course selections reflect UWest’s belief that a whole-person education requires a range of knowledge beyond the specialized study and training covered in the majors.

UWest’s General Education courses empower students to design their own lives, their personal philosophies, and their unique ways of being in this world.

As they move through their coursework, our students explore their inner selves and learn how to face challenges, make decisions, and adapt in a rapidly changing world.

Along the way, each UWest undergraduate develops and refines the vital skills of writing, critical thinking, and public speaking.

UWest graduates possess the knowledge, awareness, and skills to be self-reliant, ethical, and responsible global citizens.

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