Liberal Arts


A Degree That Lets You Chart Your Own Course(s)

UWest’s Liberal Arts students design their own interdisciplinary learning path and course of study. As a Liberal Arts major, you can follow your intellectual curiosity to pursue your specific interests and passions. Are you drawn to ethnic literature? Or interested in learning more about Buddhism and religion? Perhaps you are passionate about film and the visual arts or wonder how anthropologist study the world. The Liberal Arts major is also a great way to pursue subjects across disciplinary lines, e.g., the global studies or the psychology of business. The capstone project—the culmination of your degree—allows you to synthesize your insights and the knowledge you have achieved into a project that is uniquely your own.

While tailored to your interests, the Liberal Arts major is structured so that you achieve a broad-based education in the humanities and social sciences, while cultivating communication and critical thinking skills and an ethical outlook. Opportunities for leadership at the university through student government of student clubs, as well opportunities for study abroad in Asia provide further opportunities for you to hone your skills.

As a Liberal Arts major, you will graduate from UWest with a strong sense of self and an understanding of your place and purpose in the world. The “soft skills” that you achieve are ones that many employers seek.

You will meet with a program advisor to discuss your what sparks your passions and how your interests fit into your larger career goals. Together, you will develop your individualized program—a course of study that is truly you.


June 15th (Fall Start)
November 15th (Spring Start)
April 1st (Summer Start)



Kanae Omura, PhD


Jennifer Avila, MA
Bobby Ojose, EdD

Adjunct Faculty

Akhanaton Cacao, MA
John Freese, MDiv, PhD
Ryan Gilmore, MFA
Frederick Ho, MBA, CPA
Christopher Johnson, MDiv
Thomas Keeney, BS
William Kennedy, MA, TESOL
Thomas Moritz, MLS
Shawn Ragan, MA
Shäna Wright, MA, TESOL