Undergraduate Program

A Psychology Degree with an Emphasis on Heart

The Department of Psychology at UWest specializes in multicultural and cross-cultural influence in human psychology, drawing from both Western and Eastern systems of psychological theory and practice. Our emphasis on whole-person education aims to cultivate psychology graduates who can consider the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and creative needs of their patients and to work with them to develop innovative solutions. You will develop an appreciation of cultural differences, drawing from your everyday interactions in class and on campus as opportunities for deep thinking and learning.

In Psychology, you will study human experience across the lifespan including individual (cognition, emotion, behavior) and family/community systems. The learning outcomes for the BA Psychology degree are informed by the American Psychological Association’s “10 Optimal Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major” that provide you with a strong foundation in the discipline. Psychology majors are also supported by a close-knit community and mentorship.

As a Psychology major, you will be prepared for work in a wide range of jobs, as well as ready to pursue graduate work in the field, e.g., master in counseling or a master in social work.

You will meet with a program advisor to discuss your course of study that fits your larger career goals. The program’s personal focus and self-reflexive approach set it apart and ensure that you receive the support you need.


June 15th (Fall Start)
November 15th (Spring Start)
April 1st (Summer Start)


Interim Chair

Joanne Kwoh-Maysami, PhD




Norja Cunningham, PhD



Adjunct Faculty

Shaneka Bullins, EdD
Brad Conn, PhD
John Creet, MA
T. Conswello Davis, MA, MBA
Donte Green, MA
Wenli Jen, EdD
Timothy Leslie, MA
Jem Powell, PsyD
Marielle A. Reataza, MD, MS
Danielle Rowe, MA
Jason Stringer, MA, LMFT

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