About Us

UWest is a small school with big ideas.

At UWest, we believe in educating the whole person. We were founded in 1991 as an alternative to the conventional university experience, integrating liberal arts traditions with a global perspective and drawing from Buddhist wisdom to create a community of scholarships, service, and collaboration. Our graduates meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and globally interdependent world with creativity and compassion.

We are a community committed to learning with, from, and on behalf of others. UWest students seize the opportunity to develop their personal values and determine a personalized path to academic success. We think your education should be as unique as you.
We believe that the bigger our ambitions and the wider our perspective, the smaller the world gets. The immense diversity of our students and faculty provides endless opportunities to learn about the world outside our campus. With over 44 countries represented in our student body, we like to say that UWest is “the entire globe on 11 acres.”